Other Sites on Postmodernism

General Overviews

Postmodernism - Definition at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Notes on Postmodernism - Stephen doCarmo's Down-and-Dirty Answer to the Question, "What Is Postmodernism?"

PostModernism: A Greater Understanding - Overview of music, art, and architecture

What is Postmodernity? - Talking pomo: An analysis of the postmodern movement

Postmodern Architecture - Overview from ArtandCulture.com, the "Interconnected guide to all of the arts"

The Po-Mo Page - "The Postmodern, Postmodernism, Postmodernity": Approaches to Po-Mo (@georgetown.edu)

The Post-Modern in Everyday Life - Everyday examples of the postmodern


Resource Sites

Christian Faith and Postmodernity - A collection of web sites, journals, essays, and book reviews

Everything Postmodern - Links to postmodern theory resources, sites, and journals

PopCultures - Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center and enormous archive

Postmodernism and Postmodern Culture - National University of Singapore

Postmodernism and its Critics - A guide prepared "for students by students" from the University of Alabama

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought - Large collection of resources from the University of Colorado


Online Magazines and Content Sites

Alt-X - Site devoted to supporting experimental art and writing, known as the place where "the digerati meet the literati"

Bad Subjects - Self-described leftist collective that encourages readers to think about the political aspects of everyday life

Chicago's Postmodern Poetry - Chicago's Experimental Poetry Community/Calendar/Reviews

PopMatters - International magazine of cultural criticism with reviews, interviews, and essays on most cultural items

Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations - Online book preview provided by the author Douglas Kellner (@ucla.edu)

Theory.org.uk - Self titled "Social theory for fans of popular culture. Popular culture for fans of social theory"


Academic Journals

Contretemps - Online journal of philosophy

CTheory - International peer-reviewed journal of theory, technology and culture

Cultronix - Journal of art, art criticism and cultural theory

Essays in Philosophy - A biannual journal published by Humboldt State University

Postmodern Culture (PMC) - Electronic journal that seeks to combine high scholarly standards with broad appeal for non-academics



Postmodern Essay Generator - Random essays generated as a parody of Postmodern writings

How to Deconstruct Almost Anything - My Postmodern Adventure by Chip Morningstar, Electric Communities