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Recent Articles

Crowdsourcing: Rise (and Con) of the Prosumer

With the explosion of collaborative "Web 2.0" sites, a tipping point has been reached where the growth in user generated content is now fast outpacing that of the traditional media. The devoted contributors to YouTube, Flickr, Digg, and Yahoo! Answers are the latest example of Alvin Toffler's prophetic "prosumer". In a post-industrial and postmodern society where everything has been mass produced and rehashed a thousand times before, the new frontier is mass-customization. And who better to generate this specialized content than the consumers themselves... Click here for the full article.


(Postmodern) Borat - Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

This film is the latest project from Sacha Baron Cohen and follows one of the trio of fake identities featured in Da Ali G Show. Part mockumentary, part undercover gonzo journalism, part spectacle, Borat is a pastiche of common stereotypes designed to co-opt his unsuspecting victims into revealing their own prejudices... Click here for the full article.

Quick Overview

The exact definition of postmodernism is a subject of heated debate. Broadly defined, it describes everything following the so called modern historical period of the mid 20th century. Rapid advances in technology created an unprecedented upheaval in society, art, and culture, all of which have been associated with the postmodernist movement. Most consider postmodernism to be a literary and philosophical reaction to the optimistic Modernist ideals of progress and reason. Its works often take a dystopian or nihilistic view, where constant technological change and mediation rob us of our humanity and all things "real". One of its major themes is that everything has been done before and our culture is now a mass-produced mashup of recycled ideas and icons. While proponents see it as a liberating way to frame reality despite the inherent bias of language and media, its critics consider methods like deconstruction an intellectual cop-out. Despite the debate, there is no doubt that postmodern ideas have shaped our world.


Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk Choke by Chuck Palahniuk Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick Ubik by Philip K. Dick Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson Neuromancer by William Gibson JPod by Douglas Coupland Consumer Society by Jean Baudrillard Thinking of You by Barbara Kruger