Overview of Postmodern Art

As with all definitions of postmodernism, postmodernist art is characterized as a rebellion against the modern (including realism and the artistic elite). There are actually several, often overlapping, avant-garde art movements associated with the birth of postmodernism. The most notable of these are described below:
Postmodern Culmination where all artistic novelty has been previously explored and meaning is replaced by fashion
Futurism Early rebels against tradition who expressed a love for speed, technology and violence
Dada A form of nihilistic anti-art which was ironically legitimized and commercialized (includes Duchamp's "readymades")
Surrealism Style which pursues a dream-like state, perceived as "truer" than reality
Pop Art Emphasizes kitschy "low art", mass-production, and commodification of culture. Warhol is the "Pope of Pop Art"
Lowbrow Art Also known as Pop Surrealism, this democratization of art originated in California's hot rod and comics cultures
Conceptualism Deconstruction of what makes something "art", designed to confront viewers and their concept of art
Appropriation Repurposed objects or existing art, that with minimal transformation, subversively gives them new meaning and context
Decollage Images given new meaning by tearing or removal, started with a mashup of commercial posters and those underneath

Postmodern Artists

Chris Burden - Books, Biography
The Reason for the Neutron Bomb - 50,000 nickels and match sticks representing enormous buildup of Soviet tanks in eastern Europe
LAPD Uniforms - A row of ominous uniforms released two years after the Rodney King beating
Umberto Boccioni - Prints, Books, Biography
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space - Marching figure is shaped and polished by the Futurist motifs of wind, speed, and machinery
Dynamism of the Body - Abstract, that like all of Boccioni's work, expresses dynamism and energy
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913 Dynamism of the Body, 1913 Portrait of a Seated Woman The Charge of the Lancers, 1915 The Street Enters the House, 1911 The Drinker, 1914 Development of a Bottle in Space, 1912
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Marcel Duchamp - Photos, Books, Biography
Nude Descending a Staircase - Early work that combines cubism and futurism, expresses motion through superimposed images
Fountain - Urinal signed as "R. Mutt" and originally rejected, but ironically became legitimized because of Duchamp's brand name
Barbara Kruger - Books, Biography
Your Body is a Battleground - Silk-screened and split photograph that critiques the idealized version of beauty portrayed in the media
I Shop Therefore I Am - Commentary on materialism and our culture's default form of identification
Roy Lichtenstein - Prints, Books, Foundation, Biography
Drowning Girl - Adaptation of a DC Comic that accentuates the melodrama, ambiguity, and style of pop art
Blam - Stylized cartoon violence featuring a pilot ejected from an exploding inverted jet
Drowning Girl Blam Sunrise, 1965 Kiss V, 1964 Ohhh...Alright..., 1964 Spray, 1962
Rene Magritte - Prints, Books, Biography
The Treachery Of Images: "This is not a Pipe" - Artistic comentary on semiotics and simulacra, discussed by Michael Foucault
The Son of Man - Famous self potrait with a bowler hat and face obscured by a green apple
La Trahison des Images The Son of Man, 1964 La Chateau des Pyrenees L'Homme au Chapeau Melon Les Amants La Chef d'Oeuvre ou les Mysteres
James Rosenquist - Prints, Books, Biography
F-111 - Enormous room sized painting depicts a larger than life view of the links between American commericalism and the military
President Elect - John F. Kennedy campaign poster turned commentary on commodification and middle class consumerism
President Elect CSU, 1982 House of Fire While the Earth Revolved at Night, 1982 At Leo Castelli's "Horizon"
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Andy Warhol - Prints, Books, Biography
Campbells Soup Can - Simple iconic soup cans that originally caused an uproar over art featuring mundane commercial products
10 Marilyns - Reflection of the commercialization of culture and the transformation of Marilyn Monroe into a mass-produced symbol
Triple Elvis - Another example of Warhol's obsession with American cultural icons
10 Marilyns, 1967 Campbell's Soup I, 1968 Triple Elvis, 1963 Guns, c.1981-82 Fifteen Minutes

Museums Featuring Postmodern Art

Center On Contemporary Art - Seattle gallery dedicated to the advancement, development, and understanding of contemporary art
Contemporary Museum of Art - Baltimore's Contemporary Museum of Art
Guggenheim, Bilbao - One of Guggenheim's new European centers whose iconic architecture has eclipsed the original's
Guggenheim, New York - Famous collection of both modern and contemporary works
Los Angles County Museum of Art - At the time of this writing is currently holding an exhibition on Magritte
Metropolitain Museum of Art - One of the largest museums in the world, features a wide array of Postmoden artists including Warhol
Millenium Park - Chicago center for art, music, architecture and landscape design which itself is a postmodern icon
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego - La Jolla museum with works from artists like Chris Burden and Barbara Kruger
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago - Devoted to contemporary culture including painting, sculpture, photography, video and film
Museum of Modern Art, New York - Dedicated to being the world's foremost museum of modern art, features Rosenquist's F-111
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Boasts a wide collection of both modern and contemporary art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Boasts a large collection of technology and media arts
The Warhol - Site of the official Andy Warhol Museum

General Links to Postmodern Art

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Articles and Critiques

Unacknowledged Roots and Blatant Imitation: Postmodernism and the Dada Movement - Paper by David Locher
New York Art Crit - Art history and reviews by John Haber
Modern and Postmodern Art - Art movement timeline with examples
Why Art Became Ugly - Critique of Postmodern Art by Stephen Hicks
Post-Postmodernism - Another essay by Stephen Hicks describing postmodernism as a cynical dead-end
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